Areas Surrounding Stemwede (Kreissynode Lübbecke)

This is a map of the Kreissynode Lübbecke parishes from 1957 from the book Gemeindebuch der Kreissynode Lübbecke published 1957 by Jedermann-Verlag Ludwig Schmidt GmBH, Osnabrück. Larger (printable) copy of map.




Lemförde: Lemförde is just around the north side of "Stemweder Berg" (Northwest) from Stemwede. It is in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), but is one of the closest parishes of Niedersachsen 
Wagenfeld: Wagenfeld is North of the northeast corner of Stemwede, directly North of Rahden, but is also in Niedersachen. The church in Wagenfeld, Ev.-luth. St. Antonius, has a website, which includes an excellent map of Wagenfeld.

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