Wehdem Church Interior
Altar & Pulpit

Baptismal Font (Taufstein):

1815 War Memorial

1870-71 War Memorial

From this parish they died for King and Fatherland
in 1815 in France

Gerhard Friedrich Thane, Wehdem Nr. 4
Carl Niemeyer, Wehdem Nr. 33
Heinrich Hohlt, Wehdem bei Nr. 102
Heinrich Aping, Westrup Nr. 12
Heinrich Westerkamp, Oppenwehe Nr. 6
Wehdem 4 July, 1816

With God for King and Fatherland
in the War with France 1870-71
died from the parish of Wehdem:

Carl Heinrich Gottlieb Langhorst,
Heinrich Friedrich Wilgelm Heselmeier, Oppenwehe
Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Meirose



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