St. Martini Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oppenwehe
(St. Martini Ev.-Luth. Kirche Oppenwehe)

Oppenwehe Parish

The Oppenwehe church serves only the community of Oppenwehe.

Oppenwehe was part of the Wehdem parish until 1931, though a chapel was in Oppenwehe. In 1931, St. Martini's church was opened in Oppenwehe. A pastor's house was built in 1944 and since 1960 Oppenwehe has been an independent parish in the church structure. For records prior to this time, consult the Wehdem page and films. The records since 1931 are not available through the LDS Church at this time. Some areas were also included in the Preußisch Ströhen records.

The village of Oppenwehe has their own website at It has some excellent resources for researchers. He has scanned a historical map of Oppenwehe, which not only shows the old homestead numbers, referenced in the church records, but also show that family name associated with it at the time. He also has a cross-reference listing of current households, with their current street-name addresses and their old homestead numbers. There are also several photos of current places and historical photos.



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St. Martini Ev.-Luth. Kirche, Oppenwehe

Oppenwehe Klus (Chapel) when part of Wehdem Parish

Windmill.jpg (47083 bytes)Oppenwehe Bockwind-

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Meier's Deele in Oppenwehe

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